Hotel Environmental Policy

Here at Nunsmere Hall we are firm believers in sustainable tourism and we are committed to the implementation, of proactive measures, to protect and sustain the local environment. We recognise the impact of our operation on the environment and aim to minimise any detrimental effects that may occur.

The company aims to create a safe and clean environment, implement sustainable use of resources and optimal management of waste. Furthermore, it will ensure that environmental issues are kept at the forefront of employee’s minds and given proper attention at all times.

In order to achieve this, we are taking the following actions:

We comply with the requirement of environmental legislation and approved code of practice
We reduce pollution emissions and waste
We reduce the use of energy, water and other resources
We raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in sustainable business practices
We expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers
We encourage guests to consider the environment when using our services


Environmental initiative

We re-use paper and card wherever possible. All employees are encouraged to only print documents when necessary and use other means to reduce waste, such as telephone calls or emails.
Duty Managers and night team ensure all unnecessary lights and appliances are switched off when not required.
All appliances are set to the lowest effective settings possible when in use
We actively monitor water, gas & electricity usage and look for ways in which to reduce our consumption such as restrictors on showers, magnets fitted to boilers, solar panels installed on the roof, energy saving light bulbs.
We re-use all plastic bottles in housekeeping and kitchen by only ordering cleaning products in refill pouches.
We have soap and moisturiser dispensers in the public toilets to reduce wastage of product.
We recycle all glass bottles and jars from bars and restaurant.
We recycle all plastic containers from the kitchen by cleaning and using for storage.
We use sustainable charcoal in our Bertha oven.
We use the blast chiller to rapidly cool food instead of using running cold water.
We recycle our cooking oil and purchase it from a sustainable, local source.
We extensively use local producers to reduce carbon foot print.
Minimise wastage by using all bones, skins, vegetables trimmings in stocks, sauces, purees and powders.
We use biodegradable cleaning products and materials across the hotel.


Falconry Environmental Policy

Our Mission Statement:

To promote the survival of endangered species, through first class educational and recreational experiences, exemplary animal management, conservation and research.


This will be accomplished by:

Providing a high quality educational service to include all sectors, groups and individuals
Maintaining a wholesome, enriching and stimulating visitor experience
Fostering sound techniques of husbandry that ensure the physical and psychological well-being of the animals in our care
Supporting and participating in scientific research that contributes towards the knowledge, understanding and preservation of endangered animals


As a Falconry Centre we aim and are committed to:

Carrying out our business activities in a manner which minimises adverse effects upon the environment;
Where practical we strive to improve our environmental performance;
Increase our energy efficiency so as to gradually use less energy in the work we do.


We do this with the hope of:

Reducing CO2 emissions, helping to make the environment cleaner;
Reducing energy costing throughout the business;
Represent the company in an environmentally friendly view.
Improve conservational and environmental impact within the local area.


We aim to achieve this by carrying out the following procedures:

Animal bio-waste is collected within bio-degradable bags and taken for incineration, preventing possible damaging impact to the environment, water supplies and various species of animals;
General waste is disposed off in compliance with current legislation and regulation, avoiding harming the ecosystem and polluting the environment;
Recycling all cardboard, plastic and glass materials and reusing plastic containers for storage were needed;
Only using reputable food suppliers (Honeybrooks Animal Feeds) who source surplus bi-products from agricultural industries, thus eliminating the need to breed to cull for food;
Preparing daily food amounts in correlation with the days requirement, avoiding surplus and keeping waste to a minimal;
Where possible and when available, using recycled rain water as an alternative to taking from the main water supply;
Providing safe homes for habiting species via the use of bird and bat boxes, and encourage other species into the local area by adding new species boxes annually;
Inviting external conservation societies and groups on site to monitor and observe species populations;
Protect all fauna and flora associated with our activities;
Where possible use naturally recycled materials as oppose to out sourcing, i.e. waste wood from naturally felled trees for perches, logs for block perches, large stones/boulders for feaking;
Any electrical appliances are only switched on when in use and switched off immediately after use, reducing energy consumption;
only printing emails and documents were necessary, reducing paper and ink usage as well as energy consumption;


LRE Cheshire Environmental Policy

  • Part of Land Rover CO² Programme

Land Rover is the first vehicle manufacturer to launch into the UK its own CO² offset programme. Managed by the independent environmental group Climate Care, CO² emissions created by our vehicles and the processes involved in their manufacture are offset throughout investment in projects across the globe, including renewable energy, technology change and energy efficient initiatives.


  • Follow the Fragile Earth Policy

Land Rover’s Fragile Earth commitment is a global promise to ensure that our actions minimise environmental damage. Land Rover is committed to protecting the environment and we ensure sound, sustainable practise in all our activities.  Following the Land Rover Mantra to Drive as slow as possible but as fast as necessary.


  • We teach customers to drive in a way that reduces fuel consumption.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Recycle plastic bottles, paper and ink cartridges.
  • Recycle used/damaged tyres.
  • Encourage staff to car share.
  • No plastic or paper cups used.
  • Planting of new shrubs on site.
  • Ensure all customers are aware of the Fragile Earth Policy we follow.
  • Shop locally – Peckforton Hills Water
  • Limit printing as much as possible.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning liquids.
  • Recycling of brake pads.
  • Thermostats on all radiators.